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In 1995, twenty acres and an old farmhouse at the summit of the Dundee Hills was just what John and Nancy McClintock needed to plant a small block of Pinot Gris and begin Vista Hills Vineyard. Today, our 42 acres of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are LIVE certified, utilize a hearty set of innovative farming techniques and produce grapes for our much extolled Estate wines.

The McClintocks have an established past of rallying people behind a common vision. Soon after John served as a marine pilot in the 1960s and 1970s, he and Nancy undertook a successful residential development business that emphasized the preservation of the natural surroundings of its projects. This idea—that nature could thrive alongside development—met its test here in the vineyard and, after each farmhand and staff member undertook a commitment to the land, is now validated by the lush, wild countryside that is our world renowned vineyard.

As the McClintocks incrementally gained knowledge in the vineyard and improved on each vintage, they realized they could pass on their lifetime of experience and bolster the success of the next generation of students, too. It was with this in mind that they established the Clint Foundation, a philanthropic organization that provides a helping hand to students who are working while also attending college. Able to improve the chances of success for over fifty students at 15 colleges each year, the Clint Foundation is the actualization of the desire to give back.